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My System Specs

Default 500GB SSD; Intel 520, or Vertex 4(M)?

Looks like I will need a new SSD; the 200GB Crucial M4 I have is not enough space for my laptop, and I ain't going back to a HDD. The New Seagate XTs look OK (great for the money), but I think I will stick with a pure SSD.

Looking through the stock at my local shop, the Intel 520 500GB is about $500, and the Vertex 4 (micron edition) is about $400. I am leaning toward the Vertex 4 micon, but I am wondering if there is any reason to stay away from it and go for the Intel instead? Reliability is most important, but the geek in me wants speed as well (which both of these offer by the looks). Kinda wondering if OCZ is still beta testing this drive like they usually do, and the quality of that nand in the Vertex 4....

Thanks for any suggestions! I might pop Windows 8 on this thing as well....
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