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No. Simply 'deleting' the data and even nuking the partition will not clean the drive. It WILL clean it IF the TRIM command is sent but if you are in a non-TRIM environment nuking and starting from scratch wont make a lick of difference. You need to add in an extra step: sanitary erase. This nukes the drive and brings it back to a clean state.

The only real way to tell if TRIM is working is to hammer it until test results come back with mega drop in WRITE performance. Then immediately do a quick format, and then retest. The longer you take between step 1 and step 2...the less valid the results as 'BGGC' / 'ITGC' can be very aggressive and effective on some drives. However, it does shorten their life AND where you are using SF2281 based makes proper testing royal PITA. Trust me...its a hassle...that can give incorrect results just as easily as correct results.

Honestly, you are using an Intel Z77 mobo. So TRIM is almost a given (its really only AMD that seemed to have major issues getting SIMPLE things like trim 'right'). Set your rig to AHCI mode, install windows, install Intel RST drivers....BINGO. You now have TRIM....even if you RAID your SSDs (on the mobo's Intel PCH controller). ;)

If by some wonky turn of events you notice the rig getting sloooow. Then yeah nuke and start from scratch (as the drivers got messed up)...BUT pull the drive and run the OCZ toolbox on a dif rig and do sani erase that is built into the toolbox (according to your sig you have Vertex 3 ssds). This will clean the drive.
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