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Default Really weird SLI issue...

Hey everyone

As you may have seen, I've aquired a couple of 660ti's and have thrown'm together in SLI.
I have, however, encountered a problem. When playing BF3, (have yet to test other games) in full screen, with SLI enabled, (both gpus go to 80-99%) the screen has this horrible flicker and purple overlay. However in windowed mode, BF3 plays perfect.

However when i change the sli profile to rendering with one card, the game plays pefect, but only off one card (c1-99%, c2 15-35%)

Is this a driver issue? or, am i doing something wrong? I have no idea what to make of it.

Power issues wouldnt cause this problem would it? I'm running right now on a gold rated Seasonic X-660 psu.... so i should have more than enough headroom.

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