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Dell UltraSharp U2410, look no further. It comes pre colour calibrated, and has all the connectivity you could ever want! Analog, USB and even a CF card and SD card reader so you know your inner photographer will be cared for!


Connectivity hasn’t changed much from the U2410’s predecessors, which is no big deal since they were already more than generous. Behind the bezel and to the left you’ll find two of the monitor’s four USB hub inputs, together with a memory card reader and a pull-out plastic tag with all the monitor’s information printed on it (a far easier to access, better-looking and longer-lasting solution than the sticker found on the back of almost all other monitors). It’s a pity that the card reader no longer supports CompactFlash as previous models did.

At the monitor’s back you’ll find the input for the USB hub and a further two USB outputs, composite and component video inputs, VGA, twin DVIs, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Some users will be sorry to hear the S-Video present on older UtraSharps is on the casualty list. Ideally we would have liked to have seen twin HDMI outputs too, but really that’s just being picky - especially as DisplayPort and the HDCP-enabled DVI ports will work as HDMI video inputs with an adapter, the only caveat being that they won’t carry sound. This brings us to the one area where we really wish Dell would up its game: though a 3.5mm analogue audio output (and Dell speaker bar connection) is provided to carry sound from HDMI, we would prefer a digital output as found on the HP LP2475w.
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