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Default 21:9 Monitors

It appears everyone is jumping on the 21:9 aspect ratio monitors. LG, Dell and Philips all have them or are slated for release. It looks interesting and would make for a very nice surround setup. It also seem slike a nice solution for those who currently have two monitors, as you are able to slip the screen.

Philips 298X4QJAB UltraWide 21:9 monitor review

LG's EA93 29-inch display features 21:9 aspect ratio, we take a look at IFA (video) -- Engadget

Toshiba even has 21:9 laptops!

Toshiba Satellite U845W and U845 review | The Verge

This looks like it will be an awesome addition to any gamers ensemble, or people like me who edit and multitask heavily. Allowing for a longer timeline in a video editor or even a larger slate for photo editing applications and spreadsheets. I'm excited!
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