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ok ok xD don't believe me im useless :) believe him!!!!! xD,but well believe majority is the best u can do

of course it will be bottlenecked but i just say what i see, i see my cores usage on recent games,for example,world of tanks uses one core and with a 560 ti i have 50-60 FPS on max settings,and its only one core,he has to cores,ok my core is 3.3 ghz but still,of course if it was me i'd get a better CPU for less bottleneck,

man, i say what i think and you say what you think,its a forum,if you don't agree,i agree that you don't agree xD

but still ,that's it,did you see the linus benchmarks between 1 core vs 2 core vs 4 core cs 8 core CPU's? 10 FPS difference vs the old dual core and the I7 ,in a recent game,forgot which one,i SAW that vid ok? so yes, serious improvement for me,but i don't force you to believe me

it's always interresting to see what different ppl think,in peace ok?

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