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My System Specs


MSI is all-around good: 3-year transferable warranty with a Canadian centre and good custom design for non-reference cards. That said, the Twin Frozr doesn't excel in any particular field. It's slightly weaker cooling than Gigabyte's Windforce, it's not as quiet as ASUS or even Galaxy because of the characteristic high-pitched noise the fans make at higher speeds (speaking from experience), and Lightning is generally overpriced for features that are only good for liquid cooling.

Then there's coil whine, which MSI's 670--and from what I hear, the 660ti as well-- are prone to. I would lean toward ASUS, Gigabyte or Galaxy than MSI for this particular card.

EDIT: By the way, if you want an example of Galaxy service:

I bought a Galaxy 660ti 3GB on stellar reviews, but it made a slight rattling noise. The store wouldn't take it back because the techs testing it were deaf, non-English-speaking monkeys. My bitching online caught the attention of the Galaxy rep, who made sure things were made right. I had an RMA approved within 2 days, and a replacement card advanced to me in 3. It works like a charm, but what was really impressive was how quickly and efficiently the return was processed.

I even got to try the two cards in SLI before returning the old one. =D

YMMV, of course, but if you ever run into a problem, talk to the Galaxy rep. He does things dam good. XD

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