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It was so simple. The mistake bioware made was that the end was mostly irrelevant and the game itself was the end, you didnt need many different endings you needed 2. Lets face it in reality you were either going to win or you were going to die. This has come about just because I was cleaning my pc and came across the trailers for me3, which sadly were actually pathetic compared with past bioware trailers.

The game should have been about unification, about gathering as many forces as possible. There was no need for a crucible, I think that took away from the diplomacy and gathering. The game should have been about making hard choices: do I save the asari home planet, do I sacrifice the salarians, do i save this colony , will it put me in a situation that I can hit back from? There was some of that but it was never the focus and it was

The end should have just been one epic space battle in which if youd done you job you would have won, if you hadnt youd die. How many fleets did you have in the end anyways? Turian, Asari, Human, Geth, Quarian, the smaller species fleets. Sure they were beaten and broken fleets but surely there were still enough to make it a fight, what with the tech and nohow that was picked up from the first 2 games and the Cerberus research.

In ME3 Bioware managed to fail in the areas it had excelled in the past. They failed at making me care about the characters (the new ones didnt make sense to me and the old ones didnt pluck the heart strings the same way as the did in the previous games), they failed at the story, they failed at the trailers, they failed at choice.

The illusive man should have just been someone who had seen the face of the reapers way back when and was doing everything he could to stop them in his way. It annoyed the hell out of me that nothing ever came of his "hey I can actually control the reaper minions" bit. It was too predictable that he was indoctrinated, even "evil" people can have a sense of self preservation and fear of the reapers.

bah, theres more but it just keeps rubbing me the wrong way this game so I apologize for my late night rant
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