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Originally Posted by Jaydu View Post
hey guys moving to my very own house. Great news but one thing I have to pay my light bill so down grading computer and looking for a low power use that can still rock games on my 23 1080p asus 120 lcd. Any ideas are welcome.

What I own are 2 ssd that I will be keeping 128 sata 3 x900 adatas. need everything else.
What your asking is a lil vague for us to try to awnser .....

Are you talking about ALL modern games out there?
intergraded gpu/apu?
overall low power usage?

I agree with others are saying .... if you oc'ed anything before, reducing those clocks will bring down energy usage some.

If 1 of the games your talkin about is WOW, the recently partialy reviewed AMD "trinity" A10 5800K renders the game in DX11 mode @ 1080 on "good" settings up into the 8x fps range ...

Ultimately what you need to tell us is what kind of system are you realy tryin to tweak down to, something powerfull enough with a possible onboard video ... or seperate video solution?
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