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Default Can't enter BIOS menu

Hey so today my computer hard-locked on me when I was playing GW2 (this is apparently due to my Realtek drivers not playing nice with the game). When I tried to start my computer back up the boot failed and I recieved a message that it was due to overclocking or change in voltage. I have not overclocked any components other than my GPU which overclocks on start-up with MSI afterburner so that shouldn't have been the problem (unless the setting was somehow saved when my computer locked up and was giving problems during boot). The message also displayed that my CPU had been automatically set to 3.4 GHZ (which is 100mhz over stock) and my RAM was set to 1333mhz (when it is supposed to run at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24).

I said okay well this is strange lets see what CPU-z says, since I have turbo core on and power saving utilities I can't really see what my actual base clock speed is however I can see that my memory is only running at 1333mhz. I then say "okay well lets get into the BIOS and see what the dilly is. I restart my desktop and press Delete during post and nothing happens, it just goes into it's normal boot and windows starts up.

Now I noticed that one LED on my keyboard was on (razer lycosa which is garbage I know) but all the backlights for the keys were not on. So now I am wondering two things:
A. should I flash my BIOS or get a new keyboard because this one is a piece of junk and not starting up in time.
B. What caused this mess to occur?

All my specs are in the drop-down menu.
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