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My System Specs


the chips are from the same family so they will run at the common speed, in this case 2.4 GHz. If you want to have a preview of what it will do consider my rig, which is a pair of Opteron 2419, hexacores at 1.8GHz. They never jump over 15K PPD on their best units. Extrapolating from my case, a pair of 8431 will do 20k PPD and double that will get you 40k PPD. This would be extrapolated under Windows. Probably you could install Windows Server 2008 and see all 4 sockets as Win7 Ultimate will only see 2. If you are a newbie at Linux , believe me , it will be complicated to configure everything. I really doubt it will complete -bigadv WUs in time, very good at SMP but -bigadv I don't think so. You can ask the seller for more info
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