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Default Looking for Input on Buying First Dedicated Folding Computer

Hi, I've been looking into buying/buiding my first, full-time folding computer and I'm just looking for some input on a prospective purchase from a local seller.

For $700 I can get:
Tyan S4985 motherboard
3 x Opteron 8431 CPUs + 1 x Opteron 8439SE (I'm assuming the 8439SE will run at 8431 speeds?)
4 x stock AMD CPU coolers
Corsair 850W semi-modular PSU
Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra case (Modified to fit 16"x13" SSI MEB sized motherboard)

Hard drive is not included.

Looking around Google and eBay I understand that $700 is an excellent value for the parts, and being able to pick it up locally and skip out on shipping is a big plus, but what I'm trying to figure out is if it's folding performance could be outdone by any other system I could build for $700.
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