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Our coming event is just around the bend. Holy crap only two weeks away!

So what have we been up to lately? Well first off, we're bringing back our Minecraft servers, all polished and delicious. MineB will still be our beloved legacy server with long-running history and structures to admire, with a periodically updated map. As for MineA, it will still be a PvP Faction server with economic features, but there are some notable changes to it.

First off, we are re-seeding the world. We have been transparant about this since day one, and I know some people are going to be reluctant to accept this, but we feel it's for the better. Why? Because it's so damn fun to explore new worlds, setup new forts, and fight in new ways. It also means new features in the game get properly used. We also will re-seed the world every quarter. Since we're already in a quarter, we're just going to extend this one, and aim to re-seed after this one Jan 1st 2013.

Second off, we're banning TNT, period. We thoroughly evaluated this and concluded that TNT offers marginal positive purposes, and offers massive negative purposes. Fact of the matter is TNT can be used to circumvent the Faction protection system which is no fun.

But when are the servers actually going to come back online? 5pm MST TOMORROW, Saturday Sept 29 2012. This is minea and mineb. We will also process the application queue for mineb. Since minea will have a brand new world, we wont pre-seed it at all. When the server goes live is when we first see the brave new world too!

We are honestly sorry that it has taken so long for the servers to come back. We wanted to make sure that when they come back that we do a proper job, and we weren't able to do that previously. Now that we can, we are. So come have buckets of fun and join us! The addresses are: (legacy, requires whitelist application at: LANified! • View topic - mineb whitelist application )

But wait, there's more!

We have done some thinking, and for this coming event we're going to add another tournament! Which one? Well, Starcraft 2!

The format and rules are not yet finalized, but the prize pool has been: $260 split up $160 1st/$60 2nd/$40 3rd

As for the rest of the event. The tournament schedule is not yet finalized, but we will have it available soon. We would also like to remind you that there is only one week left to prepay for the event. So if you are going to come, why not save yourself some money and prepay? Not only that, but it shows others that our event is worth it, and that they should come too.

For the full event details, to sign up and prepay, head to: LANified!
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