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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
Just a note, if they plan on using more than 2 TVs at a time on telus's optik TV it won't be optimal because it runs off their internet services and not through cable like shaws does, you also require an ethernet connection to all telus boxes IIRC so if there isn't any in-wall ethernet ports that's going to become a problem.
oh...I did not realize that at all. I don't think they did either. Thanks for letting me know :D. You probably just saved our butts lol

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
It's a shame she doesn't live out in Eastern Canada. Bell Aliant out here is about to roll out completely wireless experience, aka HD wireless feed to your TVs.

I don't think you'll have enough bandwith too to do more then a few HD devices (presumably at once) off of a single router.
can i get around this problem by using multiple routers?

the 'push smartphones pictures and video to TV' use-case is definitely the most important. is this what DLNA is for?
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