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My System Specs


In Short a PSU is rated (or should be the quality ones) to run at full capacity continuous capacity.
Now, there are a few things to note. Running a PSU at its highest capacity means that it will be generating its most heat, and will be less efficent than if it was operating at 70% say of capacity.

As well, the hotter capacitors get, the shorter there life becomes so the side effect of running near max can sometimes translate to a shorter life on your PSU. Espically since capacitors become aged and lose there capacity over time.

So, you should always aim (IMO, everyone else has a different theory on this, and are correct too sometimes) to do no more than say 80% of rated capacity.

Your BeQuiet! unit is decent, they tend to be made by good OEM's though for your specific one I am not sure of.

I Highly doubt though that you will be close to max even with OC'd 560TI's. I ran 460SCC's , with an old and hot i7 930 and even maxed out with everything going full I pulled no more than 480 from my wall. I ran this succesfully for 2 years on an HX650 (bronze rated PSU). The 560TI is a more powerful and more efficent GPU, that has the same TDP as my 460's did. So, if you actually got a meter to test what you pull from the wall, I am sure you will find its about the same as mine, though your Processor and such are much more efficent than my old one.


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