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Question the true power of PSU's

Hello guys,im a complete noob in PSU's and i was wondering if a 730W psu can hold a PC that uses 700w,for example,will it die faster?

Also,i have this PSU Be Quiet ! Alimentation Pure Power L8-730W CM 80PLUS Bronze (BN183) : achat / vente Alimentation PC sur

And i don't know about PSU voltage and stuff,i know this one can handle GTX 560 ti SLI + i5 2500k easily but even if the watts are ok,i was wondering if there wound not be problems with voltages,amps,etc.. i don't know anything about PSUs

will i be able to overclock this SLI with that PSU? i hope i'm not off topic :D
thx for your help!
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