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My System Specs

Default Building home network

Basically I want to get internet access for my planned living room setup (htpc, fileserver, secondary pc) and was just wondering whats the best way to go about it.

The main cable modem is in my room so I was planning on sort of doing this,

Cable modem > Router > Line 1 pc . Line 2 xbox . Line 3 saved for later . Line 4 100ft ethernet cable going to my living room.

With line 4 I want it to split in the living room so it can goto my htpc, fileserver and secondary pc. So in the living room I'm assuming I will need a switch or another router (A little confused as alot of the googled searches have different questions saying it has to be a switch or router so...) I do know I'll need to set the living room on another subnet and disabled DHCP. I just wanted to be sure I'll be able to access everything over the home network so I can transfer files from each other faster.

Should I have any problems doing this? Just wanted to be sure is all.
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