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I think I understand where you are coming from but my definition of a platform is something that its own ecosystem. I will concede that the only real difference between the current platforms is their OS but Steam is starting to cross those lines and while it wont be on a xbox or ps3 any time soon it will be trying to get into your living room to replace them. I will disagree partially at least that the input defines the system, I can plug a controller into my pc or a wheel, think theres a keyboard or 2 out there for the consoles. And I will completely disagree that windows has just been a means to an end and not a platform of itself. Thanks to DirectX microsoft has had a fairly healthy monopoly on the pc gaming industry. DirectX is integrated into windows and therefore in my mind Windows is a platform.

As for designed for entertainment vs everything thats not the argument here, here it is purely about the gaming. But while Steam still has its limitations its not far off the capabilities of most consoles on its own.

The current game industry is moving much more towards Valve than it is microsoft I feel. Valve is blurring the lines of what divided the PC industry. If Steam runs across the 3 OSes, Windows, Mac, and linux I think the developers will follow, they did with the mac. Steam might just give us the ability to choose our OS more freely and the ability to choose is never a bad thing. Personally I'll be sticking with Windows for the foreseeable future, hopefully 9 will be an improvement

and 2am here so I know how you feel.
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