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I have had the link since last Friday installed. The hardware is pretty straight forward to what you see in the pictures. It takes some time getting setup since everything has firmware and they all needed updating a few times since their software downloads are a mess. Honestly if anyone goes with the link system go to their forums and search for all the firmware updates and beta software(link 2.x). I installed the Link software 3 times Friday night :S.

The Fan controller is only pwm controlled, so if you had any goals of some fans shutting off completely under light load then this will not help you. Plus side it looks like its just voltage pass through so no heat worries on the controller. It will monitor GPU and CPU temps outside the software but will not try to control any system or cpu fans. If you want it controlled it has to be through their fan header. I have one fan too many and had hoped to be able to control and monitor the fans all in one spot.

The wires they send could be a bit longer, especially the temp sensors that might be 6" long if that.

Past that, its good. If they cleaned up their software download section that would be 90% of the fix right there and maybe a download newest firmware right in the software.

Here is a pic of my system, I have heard with multi GPUs the first link had issues reading values. I will find out how the 2nd one does when I get my 2nd GPU, just waiting on shipping.

Downsizing kind of made the text look like crap, but this one is the power readings from the 1200i power supply hooked up to the link system. Only grip is that I can't label the bottom "PCIe" feeds, funny since the CPU 8 pin plugs into those and you have to stress test to see if its gpu or cpu, or what GPU it is in a multi GPU setup.

These are the groups you can create based on temps. Each fan, not group can then be customized past that. So in my case light loads my top fans spin down to 800rpm while the rear fan stays at 1000-ish. Only when my exhaust air reaches a certain temp will they start to ramp up on a sliding scale and match the rear fan for RPMS. Its all drag and drop with drop down menus. Still wish I could cut certain fans completely down to no power.

The link will not work with 2 pin fans, so if that is what you have its a no go right from the beginning. if they are at least 3 pin or 4 then the link system is pretty decent so far. It is hidden in my case and programmed to ramp up under air temps within the case giving me a more quiet day to day operation while letting me plop down and start up a game, video encode or VM testing without having to touch a knob to speed things up. The biggest bonus in my opinion is the fail safes you can put in, if any fan fails there are options like running all fans at 100%, email a giant oh crap email to yourself, auto shut down the PC and a few other things. So say my H100 stops reading I can auto shut down the PC, while a case fans might send a email.

I would recommend it to people who have corsair products already vs a stand alone unit to get the most out of it. Unless they allow monitoring and controlling motherboard fans as well then I think anyone would benefit from this.
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