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Question Is my PSU good for GTX 550ti SLI??

Hey everyone!
So I have researched this a little and found some threads about this however I thought I should post my own in case something about my set-up might endanger this upgrade.

Basically I am upgrading my Motherboard to an AsRock 990FX Extreme 3 and putting an extra 8GB of RAM in totalling to 16GB. I am currently running a single GTX 550ti and the whole system is powered by a Corsair Builder Series 600w PSU. Now my question is, will my Corsair PSU be able to handle a second 550ti plus the new mobo plus the extra ram. I am just a little worried as this is my first upgrade on my first PC build

anyways, thanks heaps if you've read to here aaand any help would be highly appreciated ^D^

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