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ah ok but all games i play don't use more than 1GB of GDDR5, and i saw graphs about GTX 560 ti SLI improvements,anyway,i think you are right ,i saw guys running BF3 on ultra with 60 FPS with GTX 560 ti sli,so its more like a 1/3 improvement,but well,for some games it's almost double,my screen is not that small ^^ and well i prefer small screens for FPS competitions,better reflexes,for me,all i want is 60 FPS in all recent games,i think i can have them

You see? i have a 560 ti right now and no money for 350$ cards,i think all i can do is to SLI.. and i'd get nice performances anyway

(at the moment my card is overclocked to 900 mhz,not more for stability and durability reasons)
and of course ill downclock it to stock clocks for SLI ( watts reason)

btw i think X16 AA is so stupid and useless and FPS killing for the 500 series, i don't see difference with x8 and more^^
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