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I don't know of any version control that is linked with Dropbox, but would be interested if you did find something.

My personal development environment has me working out of Dropbox. So all the sites/apps I am working on are stored in a Dropbox folder. So it sync's every time I save the file I am working on. Then I push to Git or BitBucket as I complete tasks...depends on what the project is using for version control. But I am the only one on that Dropbox account.

Obviously my setup wouldn't work if myself and other developers on the project had access to the same Dropbox as we would be overwriting ourselves all the time. Hence why I don't think you'll see version control + dropbox integrated.

I think you just need to setup a BitBucket team and call it a day, not sure if you need anything fancier. It provides everything you are looking for. Just do a fresh pull before you start working and then push/pull while working.

If you want more details on a setup that should work for you, just let me know. I can walk you through it. Off the top of my head though, I say a BitBucket team is what you are looking for. Up to 5 members for free. Private repos.
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