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My System Specs


Budget is around $350 I guess, I have a subwoofer up on craigslist I am trying to sell so if that goes I was going to use that money for case and psu, mobo has built in gpu, just to get it up and running as a computer, the 120gb as is enough as it will only have windows, Firefox or chrome, steam, and a couple of games (borderlands, diablo, skyrim). It's an old drive so if it fails its okay, my MacBook 320gb 5400rpm is collecting dust since I replaced it with a Samsung 830 128. The gpu I was goin to ge for Christmas or with Christmas money but would still like a $350 budget.

I'm pretty happy with my performance now, haven't gotten much time to play as I am in college but having a computer no matter where I go would give me a little more time. The lowest fps I got in bl2 was like 27 with physx on high and max everything at 1080P even with it running from the 3570K, skyrim and diablo are 60 constant everything maxed. Those are my main 3 games and probably the only ones I will play for a while to come! originally I was low balling rebuilding and was going to get a 6670ddr3 and just play everything on low (maybe even 720P depending what monito I get(not included in budget, will probably reuse old one)). I like my case. Except the cable management, but I made do with what I have and it looks pretty freaking good! The only reason I would get the antec one over some other low cost case is because I can get it for 40 and its better than my other options. I don't REALLY NEED to do this, but I also just like tinkering. Also I'm really open to ANY suggestions!
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