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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
Touche salesman! You're correct, as my XFX doesnt have a switch. Guess I'll have to start saying "Well back in MY day, we had to flip a switch before walking our dinosaurs uphill, bothways to work!" And the plugs I was just clarifying on a bit better as to why he could use yours We work well together ST. You should buy me more beer as a reciprocation for my hard work.
Indeed we do, though I think you should ring the bell in the bar before me for buying a round. Or sit in the chair (if you know what I'm talking about that is awesome lol).

I know though, back in the day of questionable parts and such we all had a PSU that had voltage switches on it. Old habits die hard.

@OP - You will actually find that your components pull half of what you think they do, grab the unit I linked or one step down from it (the 1000/800VA) and that should give you more than enough run time.
Plus you can even set the software that they come with to shut your system down for you.


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