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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
I'm just a little confused... So you're running your PC in Spain and also need the UPS there? (If you're going to be using the UPS in the USA you're better off just buying one in the USA so you don't kill your efficiency with some converter.)

Assuming you're using that Corsair PSU in your "My system specs", you'll be fine: Enthusiast Series
The PSU accepts anywhere between 90V-264V.
In the same way, the UPS Soul posted accepts 176 - 294V by default, although the range is adjustable in the software (anything higher or lower and it switches to battery).

They call it 110V or 220V because they expect losses in your house's wiring and such to bring it down from the 120V or 230V. Essentially something designed for "220V" and something designed for "230V" are the same.
The corsair PSU i'm using is a spanish one. The reason i want a UPS system is so that if my power goes out, i have enough time to shut down all my equipment. This will help me (hopefully) from getting bad hardware and/or corrupt files.
Since i live in spain, i need one for spain's voltage not US.
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