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My System Specs


I used to use a WRT54G with DD-WRT installed to get WiFi from the basement to a room "blocked" by the garage. If you don't mind doing the tweaking, the DD-WRT gives you more flexibility (since you can use the router for something else if you needs change). Maybe someone else can chime in but I'm sure there must be other open source firmware routers that can do this as well.
I have never tried a dedicated range booster, since I didn't like the way you halve the wireless speed if you go through the booster. (The device has to receive a signal then send it out again.)

After getting tired of dealing with extremely bad speeds through the WiFi (partly due to being jammed by neighbours), I settled with this to take WiFi out of the equation altogether:
TRENDnet TPL-307E2K 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit With Bonus Outlet
(got it on sale for around $55 at the time)
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