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Originally Posted by 486 View Post
Aloha, fellow tankers.
Started with WoT yesterday, got to PzIII A with all available upgrades. Everytime I do random battle I am facing KV-1 and other V and IV levels. Still got 5 kills on Malinovka in a single round, though. At 2:00am. Crap!

I have questions.
1. If my tank is destroyed and I escape to garage without waiting for the round to complete, do I still get xp / silver?
2. How to use platoons? If my friend and I join the same platoon, can we go into random game as platoon? How friends get to play, if they are level 2-3, not level 9 M1A2? I looked at tank companies, they are all level 7 or more, it seemed like.
3. I can't purchase HE rounds, no gold is required for them and I have silver. Do HE rounds make any difference?

1) Yes you can, I do all the time
2) Best way to platoon is with people close to the same Tier, barring Arty because they get special MM, Tank companies are reserved for higher tier players
3) Some tanks don't use HE, it depends on the Cannon Which tank were you trying to load HE into? ANd in order to load HE you need to decrease your loadout on AP.


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