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The TV doesn't say anything at all, just a plain black screen. The reason I went with XP over Vista is it can do software RAID5 (with a mod that is). Hopefully there is a fix for this, otherwise I'll be stuck getting a RAID card (wont be hardware RAID though, I'm cheap).

If I unplug the HDMI cable from the PC and then plug it back it, the video signal will return, but without doing that the switch in input just results in a blank screen.

I'm going to go try updating CCC to the newest version (if its not still the newest) and see if I can find any settings relating to HDMI detection. I'm also pretty sure that I've gone through every menu on my TV, so I think it's likely related to the HD3200.

EDIT: Okay, so now that I've updated the driver, a message pops up at boot saying that the version of CCC isn't compatible with my video card (I went to the AMD site for graphic drivers and picked the HD 3200 and downloaded them from there).

DOUBLE EDIT: I fixed the driver detected the GPU, but HDMI still doesn't want to work.
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