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Default (update) responce from powercolor rep

So I thought i'd update this as I just got this 2nd reply from Mr.Jonathan Garay a power color rep in california:

" The limitation on OCing is to make sure you donít do it so high that you end up burning the PCB ;-). Basically, no physical damage and apply the OEM BIOS of the card (if the card is not entirely dead). You can swap out the cooler for an aftermarket cooler as well, just be sure that if you need an RMA that the original cooler is back on. If you have (or will be doing so in the future) be sure to properly handle the card to avoid accidental physical damage to the PCB.

And yes, you can send us your card for an RMA if all is otherwise good with the card J.

Thank you,

Jonathan Garay

Jonathan Garay |

1216 John Reed Ct.
City of Industry, CA 91745

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