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My System Specs


Aloha, fellow tankers.
Started with WoT yesterday, got to PzIII A with all available upgrades. Everytime I do random battle I am facing KV-1 and other V and IV levels. Still got 5 kills on Malinovka in a single round, though. At 2:00am. Crap!

I have questions.
1. If my tank is destroyed and I escape to garage without waiting for the round to complete, do I still get xp / silver?
2. How to use platoons? If my friend and I join the same platoon, can we go into random game as platoon? How friends get to play, if they are level 2-3, not level 9 M1A2? I looked at tank companies, they are all level 7 or more, it seemed like.
3. I can't purchase HE rounds, no gold is required for them and I have silver. Do HE rounds make any difference?


Also, for some reason, no one is on voice comm. Sad.
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