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My System Specs


From the reviews I've seen, the GTX 650 is weaker than the GTX 550 Ti it "replaces".
KFA² GeForce GTX 650 EX OC 1 GB Review | techPowerUp
KFA² GeForce GTX 650 EX OC 1 GB Review | techPowerUp
Note I wouldn't look too much into that review, since most of the settings they choose makes the game unplayable on the 650...

I'm not sure about your location, but from these early reviews, you may be better off performance / $ wise to get a Radeon 7770 or on-sale GTX 550Ti for your needs. Both are relatively low power cards, barely needing their extra PCI-E connector.
Edit: You can SLI/Crossfire the 550Ti / 7770 but I wouldn't recommend it as they'd both be bottlenecked by memory, bandwidth, or in the case of the AMD, drivers.
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