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Default Dead gfx? So confused.

Alright.. so Im very confused.

I fired up my game machine the other day and had no video, though from hard drive lights and reaction to power button when I hit to to soft shut down, it seemed to work ok otherwise.

I started troubleshooting.. and am now not sure where I am.

System 1 (general use):

MSI 790FX-GD70, Phenom II x4 955 (3.2ghz), 8 gigs ram, Asus EAH5450 silent gfx, oczgxs700 700w supply.

System 2 (game box):

Asus m2n32-SLI deluxe, phenom 9850 (2.5ghz), 4 gigs ram, Asus EN9800GTX, Corsair TX750 750w supply.

When the game box started with no display I restarted a few times.. then swapped in the video card from system 1. game box booted up ok on the replacement card, thought I had it licked. Threw the 9800 into system 1 to confirm, and it worked fine.. damn.

Reinstalled 9800 into game machine, booted it and it worked! Used it last night, shut it down, rebooted today and no video.

Ok, its gotta be power supply. Without stripping it from the case, I ran all the wiring over from case 1 into the game machine and tried the game machine with the 9800. No video.

Ok, so its a dead slot. Hooked up original power supplies back into their own cases. Tried 9800 in second slot on game machine, no video. Tried EAH5450 in first and second slots on game machine, video ok.

Put 9800 back into case 1 and run it all day, no issues.. rebooted a dozen times, never failed. put it in game machine and no video.

Id appreciate any suggestions.. Im friggin lost. Everything has worked flawlessly for a year or two now, weirdness has just started in last 2 days.


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