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Originally Posted by FM2125 View Post
The PE can overvolt as well. I don't have one but can have a buddy of mine test it out for you on his 670 PE and I'll get in touch. Honestly for the price difference the PE is the way to go. I recommend top tier MSI Nvidia products always. They have a realistic price for what you get. I wish the Lightning was out when I was buying a 680 because that's what I would have gotten. Not that my Galaxy wasn't bad that puppy managed 1400+
Thanks for the response.

does your friend was testing his card on DMM? yeah I know the Lightning maybe the strongest GTX 680 in the world, especially if MSI decide to release theextreme edition version.

If the voltage on msi card beyond 1.175v, I will buy MSI one, no doubt. but If not, I still confused.

by the way, what was happened with your Galaxy card?

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