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Originally Posted by GalaxyTech View Post
I'll share the images you posted with engineering to see what they suggest, but I can confirm the guys at the RMA department took extra time to test your card before sending out to make certain it performed well and met your expectations. I know with 100% certainty the card was working perfectly when it left, so unless it was damaged somehow during transit there shouldn't be any issues with it. Do you by chance have access to another machine to test it in? If I recall you still have a 2nd 680 as well, correct? Do the problems go away when you remove the new card and run the other one in the same slot?
I only have this card. The one I had before was the 680 SOC. And I believe it that the card was tested and am not faulting Galaxy for this. I don't have another computer to test it out in at the moment but I will see if I can over the next few days. Could this by chance be related to the PSU or even Windows? I would do a full clean install just to see if I can get all my data backed up properly before hand if that even had a chance of affecting it. I'll see what I can do about a new power supply as well.
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