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My System Specs


Doesn't get much hotter after3 minutes then stabilizes 5 min. is my min. for P95 using the Sandy-Ivy overclock guide which has been very helpful thank ya Kenny Parker!How many degrees can I get from direct-die? Has anyone tried it?...rubber conductive? hehe...shit didn't see that one coming:)
I would need to toss the acorns for sure and washers with the right height on all four shafts would work to eliminate the chance of too much pressure on the die.Could be done if someone wanted to...once the details are worked out you could make a nice profit selling shim washers to people like me...Opportunity is everywhere! 2.99$ for four shim washers that cost .50 cents to manufacture...awesome! That heat-spreader is damn thick and zinc-plated copper...Intel should sell these chips with no heat-sink and no heat-spreader which would probably cut like 40% in price of manufacturing. I would buy one:) Another Sniper too if I could find a Black Edition...they don't make em anymore:(

A more stable 4800, no speed-stepping, fixed v-core 1.45,PLL overvoltage enabled,C1E disabled,turbo-boost offset +.077 running prime95 for 5 min. opening other programs at the same time and no probs, that is stable!
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