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My monitor res is 1920X1080. :) I just bought this 480 without doing much research. If I had done it... I probably would have gone with the 670 right away. Now that I have it though, I'm not sure if I want to go through the hassle of selling.. etc. That being said, the 480 GTX actually runs cool when you undervolt it (no performance loss). Mine at 100% runs at about 66 degrees celcius, also the power consumption drops dramatically. That card gets lots of negative rep by those who don't care to tweak the voltage. They are cheap right now too. 170+tax+shipping. I'm just worried that SLI performance will be poor (screen tearing, etc). However, with the reference cooler it is loud... no matter what.

I kind of regret buying it but now that I have it... I need to decide.
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