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Originally Posted by Zivri View Post
Since My Last 2 post didn’t appear in here, So I post it in here again. (I am sorry if my 2 post will be appear soon).
@velias :
SKY doesn't tell me about the "true" voltage , yeah I know It's awesome that you can get an impressive 1388 Mhz out of the box, but the only things that I want to know is the true voltage (using the DMM of course), because I dont want to waste my money for something that didn't true (Triple Overvoltage)
but check this one : MSI 670 PE does not have a voltage increase?.
And this one : N670GTX PE 2GD5/OC Overclocking
“First of all N670GTX PE is a Power Edition. Those are equipped with Twin Frozr IV and have a custom high quality board. However Power Editions are not unlocked like Hawk and Lightning. MSI also does not promise that. I can't find an MSI statement saying you can overvolt more than with a standard GTX 670 gpu (due to nvidia's restrictions).
What they say is you can use Triple Overvoltage. Means you can not only adjust the voltage of GPU but memory and PLL. Triple overvoltage can be done with Afterburner 2.2.3 that you can get here .
Also stop bashing MSI with terms like scam as that won't be tolerated. “
This is why I ask you guys...I need the clarification about this things.
@Nelly : Thanks for the response
yeah GTX 680 Lightning is very very expensive, in My country is about $700 , if the price like on Newegg ($599), of course I will buy one. Since that card have a lot of feature that you cant find on the other GTX 680 card (Dual Slot, TwinFrozr IV, and of course the Mighty Overclocking)
about MSI GTX 670 PE, how far you can go? is the voltage was beyond 1.175volt?
@FM2125 :
if that Lightning, its no problem (because I know the fact that the Lightning card can go up to 1.9 volt)..., but its 670 PE.., are you sure that the PE card can overvolt up to 1.3v? have you testing it on DMM?
@GeneralHining : Dual SLI GTX 690? oh man , since by budget is only $550.
you mean 670 PE is better than ASUS 670 DCUII TOP? the reason?
The PE can overvolt as well. I don't have one but can have a buddy of mine test it out for you on his 670 PE and I'll get in touch. Honestly for the price difference the PE is the way to go. I recommend top tier MSI Nvidia products always. They have a realistic price for what you get. I wish the Lightning was out when I was buying a 680 because that's what I would have gotten. Not that my Galaxy wasn't bad that puppy managed 1400+
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