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Default i5 3570k build

New here. Figured I'd share what I've done over the last few months!

I was running a Core 2 Duo e7500 with a Radeon 4670 for a few years. I decided it was time to build a new rig, I had an Antec 900 that I was housing everything in:

Cable management was important to me, because the Antec 900 was pathetic at it and I didn't really want to modify the case!!! Now, onto the new stuff!:

First came the video card. I went with the GTX 480 because the price was too good to refuse!

Then I decided that the GTX 480 was just much too powerful for a Core 2 Duo, I then upgraded the core cpu:

MSI Z77-G45
I5 3570K (Not a very good overclocker, I've gotten it to 4.5GHz stable)
16 Gigabytes of Kingston HyperX ram.

I still had everything jammed in the Antec 900, and made my 775 cooler work:

The case was too small, and I wanted cable management, so I upgraded to the HAF X:

Then I upgraded to a 1000 watt Cooler Master power supply, from the 750 watt thermaltake toughpower. Mainly because I either plan to SLI the 480, or upgrade to a 670. I'd really like more graphics power. I also got a proper cooler the 212 EVO:

I got the first piece of the water cooling puzzle I plan to complete in February:

I do have a few questions though.

What is a good water cooling setup? I was thinking of getting the XSPC Raystorm RS360 with the MP655 pump from frozencpu.

Is there a cheap, quality fan controller that doesn't look terrible? I've been looking around and I'd like to spend no more than 50 bucks.

I want more graphics power, Should I sell the GTX 480 and upgrade to a 670 or just SLI the 480? (I know this one has been asked a lot)

So, theres my rig!! The build, for now:

i5 3570k @ 4.5GHz
MSI z77-g45
16 GBytes of Kingston HyperX
Cooler Master 212 EVO push/pull configuration
Cooler Master 1000 watt power supply
GTX 480

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