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Default HDMI Detection Issues

I've been trying to get my HTPC/server set up, but I've been having some trouble with HDMI. If I set the input to the PC, and then turn it on, everything works fine until I switch the input to anything other than the PC. After I switch it from the PC, and back to it, the HDMI signal is gone and the screen just stays black. The same thing happens if I start the PC before going to the input for the TV.

The motherboard (and gpu) is the GA-MA78GM-S2H (with an onboard HD3200). The TV is a Sony Bravia 46in XBR (pretty sure its this one: Bravia LCD TV - Full High Definition - HDTV - Sony Style Canada - BRAVIA LCD by Size - BRAVIA LCD HDTVs 42" to 52" - Sony Style Canada). The O/S is XP 64-bit (as I have 4GB of RAM in it) and is running SP2.

I've tried different version of Catalyst with no success, any other suggestions would be great.
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