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Originally Posted by Simpleton View Post
I will reinstall the HSF for now without it I would have to remove the mounting bracket and without some shim of some sort it would be very hard to mount this huge block on such a little die.I would need a lot of time to think about that one.So far the only Idea is to find a large rubber washer that would fit around the die and a little higher in relation the the die's height.Then I could compress the rubber washer until I get contact with the die.It means you have to tighten hold-down nuts in sequence to keep the pressure even,while trying to neutralize the leaning effect of heavy tubing or heat sinks on the socket.I'm hoping someone will come up with a product..:)

if water block sits on the bare die without any other interferance then just add same height of differance of the lid removal to the screws spacers

note: some rubbers are very conductive

or don't use the acorn nuts to top off and use a feeler gauge to torque springs down
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