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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Now just so I understand, you have OC'd the memory beyond factory spec or what you got the card at correct?
If that is the case, no warranty promises what type of OC you get, and given that only one game does it, it might be that game demands different resources from the card.

I would say it wouldn't have much a point in RMA'ing a card based on that.

Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Agreed - unless the card specifically says an overclock that'll be guaranteed stable on it (which never happens as they'd just ship with that OC anyway) there is nothing you can RMA about.
Besides, isn't a 7870 bottlenecked by its core before it's ever bottlenecked by its memory bandwidth anyway? Unlike low-end GDDR3 cards, you may be better leaving the memory at stock and OCing the core at bit more with the TDP capacity that you "saved".
True, but here is my concern/issue ..... I go to re-sell this card say that I dont think its giving me enough preformance to upgrade to a higher end card, person gets it & starts experiencing the same issue's I have ... Then im seen as a "bad seller" cause im selling a "faulty" videocard ...
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