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Default Want: mATX Case w/ 240mm int. rad support

Hey all,

Going to be moving my Lanbox out of the old modded SG-03 in the coming days, so im looking for a new case that can hold my Asetek LCLC-240 (240mm rad) closed-loop water cooler. I'd like to find one that can hold it without modding, but some light modded is okay if absolutely necessary. Also, important to note: the main reason im moving to a bigger case if for Push/pull fans. Please don't suggest-a-case that can only do push or pull, thanks.

Options thus far:
- Fractal Design Arc Mini
- Lian-Li A04 (might need modding? unable to find confirmation that it can be done without a mod)
- Silverstone PS07 (with some modding)
- Lian-Li PC-V351 (again unable to confirm, push/pull might run into an mATX motherboard?)

Lastly, Ill take any wild or unusual suggestions here, since its been a while since i've done a build due to my current situation. Strangely shaped cases, rare cases, workbench cases even? Anything. Only requirements: Portable, under 200$, can't be a cheap p.o.s. case.

Thanks all!

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