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My System Specs


AFAIK Win 7 will have its own raid driver for Intel RAID. When you go to install the OS it should see the array that you created.

I ran raid 0 for years, you know back before SSDs. Once SSDs arrived I ran them in RAID 0 too. First was OCZ Agility 60GB in raid zero. Man was that expensive but quick(compared to HDDs)! Then I ran Agility 2 60GB in RAID 0. Then Solid 2 120GB in zero. Now I run a single Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB. Point is that all those years I ran RAID 0 be it with HDDs or SSDs it was always off of the Intel controller on the motherboard. I never really had any issues either... now that Intel drivers now support TRIM with RAID 0 (note: only on select chipsets) I can see RAID 0 with SSDs as a palatable solution for an OS setup.

I would say go for RAID 0 just make sure crucial data is stored redundantly on other drives.
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