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My System Specs


You will most likely have to load drivers in order for windows to see the raid volume.

First you have to enable raid in the bios - should be under sata controller settings. You want to select RAID. The other options are AHCI, IDE, etc.

Then reboot, and hit "cntrl - i " to bring up the intel raid screen. (I think it is "cntrl - i")

Once there you have to select the type of array that you want for your drives. If you want raid 0, then select striped array. Im not sure what the best size is in Kb. I've always used 128.

Once you have the array created, you can then go ahead and install windows. It will ask you where you want to install windows to and here is where you need to click 'load driver' so that the raid volume can be detected. Then click the raid array after loading the driver and away you go.

** Keep in mind that at the moment you won't have TRIM functionality on your raid array. So over time the drive's performance may degrade.
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