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My System Specs


the mobo si nice, keep it, has good VRM cooling
but the CPU I would go with a cheaper Phenom II X4 BE, has some amazing deals under 100$ for them. Take one now and you will have upgrade path open later for Vishera FX with your mobo.
Take a nice cooling HSF, I would go with the CM 212 EVO.
Power Supply drop the OCZ ModXtream which is an old design and go something modern and single rail, preferably Seasonic OEM like Corsair HX or XFX Core , the 650W model is a good choice.
Take a fast memory kit, Item#: N82E16820231455 is a 1866MHz kit, the max supported by your mobo.
The HDD you chose is very fast most probably will be faster than the slow SSD you chose, you might want to drop that SSD completely. You want a good SSD, go Intel, any SATA III model would cut the mustard.
Case is nice, has perforated bottom, ideal for PSU taking in cold air and expelling it from the PC without heating the inside of the PC even more.
The GTX 550 will let you game at 1920x1080 but without FSAA, if you want FSAA at that resolution think more along the lines of a GTX 560 Ti or maybe a used GTX 480 or a used GTX 570.
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