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Default When to rma a 7870/7950 videocard ? (update responce from powercolor rep)

So, while troubleshooting my pc's weird stability issue's while playing alot of my 1 game I got alot of what is called now GSOD (grey screen of death) though it doesnt occure in any others.

Thru googling recently I have discovered that this is occuring in alot of the 7870/7950 series cards & through the various postings someone has put all the facts together & drawn a factual conclusion that the gsod's are occuring on these cards cause of bad memory overclocking. Those users whom get the gsod's whom backed off on there ram overclocks or brought them back to stock speeds had there gsod's go away.

My question then is .... IF the card doesnt artifact or cause system lockups when specificaly the ram is @ default or slightly oc'ed settings .... would this be a basis to STILL rma the card cause of its ability to not overclock the rams speed much past default settings on it without causing issue's or lockups. Or do you simply just gotta call this a card built with sub par moduals on it?


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