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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Intel Core i5-3570K, MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti, Cooler Master HAF 912 - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada

Add either an ASrock or MSI mother board at around $100 - $130 depending on what you need..
Wifi won't come on cheaper boards, grab an add-on card / usb device to suit your need (that will work with your access point)

If you really need it at / under $1100 you could:

drop the Blu-ray unless your really need and will use it.
You could drop the GPU lower but will then have to turn down some settings on some games to get good fps (not much but don't expect to max all games)
You could also get a cheaper SSD but the Vertex 4 would be my pick.. though you could save 20 or so dollars without much issue.. I would not go under 120 / 128GB.. 64 fills way too fast
You could drop to an i3 to go cheaper but I think it's worth squeezing in the i5 as it will last quite a long time..
Overclocking has gotten much easier than it used to be.. Add a cooler when / if you want to do it (that chip should safely hit 4.5ghz without a problem.)
If you have a copy of windows 7 ( or even vista 64 bit) obviously you can drop that too..

I'm hoping that the xfx PSU I selected is one of the seasonic based ones.. Can some-one else advise?

If you can squeeze out some more budget for all the above and a lil more, you can get a MSI 670 PE for I think it was 370.. would be a nice bump too but not necessary.
Yeah now that I have gotten my hands dirty a bit, I've got the OC itch, so I might get a CPU cooler after some time and OC. I don't know if my MOBO is the best for it though, my last MOBO was a DFI and it was awesome.
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