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Originally Posted by FM2125 View Post
I'll help you out a bit. Per extensive testing yes the cards do 1.21 out of the box from a DMM. But with the BIOS mod they do 1.21 software, 1.265 on the DMM. And pushing 680's farther than 1.21 on software the consistency remains the same for .055 average as the difference between the software and hardware readings. Through a memory editor you can confirm this yourself as I have done it very thoroughly. You can take a ASUS card with the Lightning BIOS that now does 1.212 software and 1.26 hardware to even higher with the memory editor. So yes you are right they do 1.21 out of the box, but it is still 1.175 as the cap displayed in software. There is no play in it from what I have tested on a few cards. When the software says the voltage reading, the hardware reading is .055 above it on average. Can be .045 all the way to .06 but the gap range is constant.
I've read stories from DC2 users attempting to use a lightning BIOS getting nothing but visual artifacts. In any case, point me to proof that you can get 1.26V on a DC2T without hardware mods, who has a picture of a DMM reading? I suspect its stuff like the thread over at OCN, where people are thinking they are getting something useful with their modded BIOS'. Sounds like placebo to me - the people posting in that thread are hilarious. In any case, I'm quite sure you're not correct. I could be wrong and if I am, picture proof of a DC2T with a multimeter would be appreciated.
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