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Originally Posted by velias View Post
To my knowledge you can overvolt the core on the 670PE card, someone correct me if i'm wrong? I've heard from others that you can, but you have to modify afterburner 2.2.4 a bit for that functionality. Or you can just use 2.2.3 as is. Sky did a review on this card and he found great OC functionality as well:

MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC Review

You can't overvolt the asus model unless you do a hardware modification (with a solder gun). To me with all things equal, the MSI has more features than the asus for a similar price - and it also looks pretty darn cool I like the color scheme of MSI GPUs.
As far as I have come to know, the ASUS card can be slapped with a modified BIOS to allow voltage. You can do the same with 680's. The extent of how well it works varies of course. I have seen 680's with the Lightning BIOS hit 1.3 volts no problem. The 670's work pretty similar from what I've read lately. Though for the best out of box experience I would have to say the MSI PE.
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