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Default Galaxy 680 GC 4GB bad?

I've been having lovely issues with my replacement 680. I had a 680 SOC that died which was a bummer because I had it to 1400+ and they replaced it with a 680 GC 4GB because they said they didn't have any SOC's in stock. On arrival the card came without the graphic box cover (just a black box) with a seal on the flap to open it. Card looked good. Plugged it in and installed drivers and finally got my computer running. Went to play BF3 and it let me spawn, run, then crashed. That was the farthest I have ever gotten with this card. After that it only would let me see the loading screen then the driver would crash. 3DMark 11 has bad artifacts and ghosting. Bad Company 2 has the same issue. I don't know specifically what it is buy I can only assume the card since I've never seen this before. Either that or my computer in general is just fubar. I'm in a tight spot with time so I guess now I have a very expensive internet browser device because it took me 2 months just to get some time to RMA my original card. I haven't heard any response from Galaxy at all after the decision was made to accept this card as the replacement versus wait an unknown amount of time for the SOC to replenish.

Aside from mini rant, does anyone have any possible solutions? I'm stuck.

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